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Thanks for taking the time to see what it is we do here at Puss ‘n’ Pooch Day Spa, in Cleveland, in Brisbane’s beautiful bayside. Puss ‘n’ Pooch Day Spa was born from the culture of taking care of ourselves. Ladies (and gents, we hope) – we all enjoy being pampered and when the time permits in our busy lifestyles, a day out to the Day Spa is such a treat.

So why not do the same for our ever faithful and loving four-legged friends?


Puss ‘n’ Pooch Day Spa has been established since July 2005 in Cleveland and has seen much growth both with our clients and our staff. We have grown from a one person business to a fantastic team of animal loving pet stylists.

Here at Puss ‘n’ Pooch Day Spa we are totally committed to providing a high quality service and aim to style your pet so they can look their very best.

We aim for the best customer service, and to not only give your best friend an amazing experience but for them to leave looking and feeling great


How long is my pet with you?

All animals are with us for approximately 4 hours, depending on the service you require.

Is my pet kept in a cage?

We like to refer to them as houses, but yes, they are kept in their own secure house which allows them to relax and not be harassed by other dogs. This ensures that all animals are safe. Free roaming animals fight.

Do you groom cats?

Yes, we give them haircuts as well as bathing and blow-drying. Whilst we know that cats groom themselves it isn’t always efficient. Long haired cats can get matted hair which requires a haircut, cats also get dander and dirt in their coats which requires a bath, we also brush to remove excess coat in the warmer months.

Do you sedate dogs or cats?

NO! We are not qualified vets to administer any sedation, if you believe your animal requires sedation we ask that you visit the vet and administer this medication prior to your appointment.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer all our clients a 10% discount when booking a recurring schedule or booking their next appointment at their last appointment.

Do you offer Day Sitting or Doggy Day Care?

We offer day sitting which is where you can leave your pet with us for a couple of hours or the day. It is a little different to Doggy Day Care in that they don’t roam around in a play pen with other dogs. We do however take them out for walks and they have the opportunity to watch the day’s events or have a snooze in the air conditioning.

How soon should I bring my new puppy in for their first groom?

Once they have had all their vaccinations usually around 12 weeks of age. Puppies go through what is known as a ‘critical phase’ which is between 3 weeks – 16 weeks old. In this time, it is extremely important that they are exposed to all the different situations, people and places they are going to meet throughout their life. It is very important that these encounters are positive in nature and that no trauma or fear is created as they can retain that sense of fear for life. We like to recommend that they start off with a minor service of our Face, Feet & Tail to gain experience with all that happens in the grooming salon but on a smaller scale. This will ensure future confidence for your pup and make for a dog that enjoys their grooming.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

We recommend every 4-8 weeks, depending on the breed, coat length and your lifestyle needs. Having regular grooms regardless of coat length is a fantastic way to maintain your dog’s skin and coat health. We do offer discount for recurring appointments and pre-booking your dog’s next appointment so that you don’t miss out in our busy times.

I’m feeling nervous about leaving my dog, can I stay and watch?

Unfortunately, we don’t have Mum’s and Dad’s in the salon to be with their fur-babies as this can be very distressing to the dog. We understand that it can be an anxious time for both owner and pet to separate, be rest assured they are in very capable hands that will keep them safe and endeavour to make it the best experience possible. We do ask that you don’t make a big fuss when handing them over at drop-off as this can only exacerbate the anxiety they are sensing from you. Quite often we find that once they are in the salon they will settle in and relax.

Do I need a lead and collar when I bring my dog in?

YES please! We ask that you ensure that your dog has their collar or harness on securely with a lead. A nervous dog will sense when their collar or harness is loose and try to slip out of it.A dog in our experience does not come back in a hurry outside of home unless it is extremely well trained. Also, we do like to walk the dogs into the salon on their lead and collar or harness to instil confidence in them to enjoy entering the salon.

My dog seems to be scratching after their grooming?

It is quite normal for some dogs to scratch after a haircut. Depending on the length of haircut that has been requested or if they have had a matted coat.

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